Processed Food Products

Mendoza has excellent agricultural conditions. One of its greatest advantages lies in exporting out-of-season products to the northern hemisphere.

Snowmelt water irrigation, wide temperature ranges and rich soils yield great quality products for processed food.

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Processed fruits

The irrigation with meltwater, thermal variations and fertile soil, together with a careful process allow us to have an excellent quality of packaged fruits for commercialization.

Mendoza produces and offers canned: peach, pear, cherry, fruit mix in family consumption containers, and a variety of pulps for industrial consumption.

The peach industry, together with dehydrated plum and walnut, is one of the province’s most important agroindustrial products and its commercialization abroad has grown by around 60% in the last 15 years.

Dried Fruits

The great natural attributes of Mendoza’s terroir, added to 300 days of annual sunshine, yield a world-class product, with higher sugar content, fruit size diversity, and great texture.

Mendoza’s sun-dried fruit production includes: whole pitted prunes, stoneless prunes, raisins, tomatoes, apricots, pears and apples.

Dried fruits are highly nutritious, providing a great source of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts and fiber.

Our processed fruit production includes: peaches, pears, fruit mix, cherries and fruit pulps. And we also produce herbs and spices, like oregano.

Processed Vegetable Products

Our array of processed vegetable products includes: garlic spread, canned garlic, dehydrated minced garlic, pre-fried French fries, cucumber, pickled cucumber, pickled onions and eggplant products.

We also produce sun-dried fruits, which stand out for their premium quality and annual availability.

Premium Quality Honey

Quality is the main driver behind our honey production. The great variety of natural wildflowers brings out the finest qualities and properties in our honey; which is sold in bulk and packaged.

Olive oil

Our olive oil is produced with premium quality olives from different cultivars. Our vinegars and balsamic dressings are produced with first-class grape seeds.