Foreign Trade and Agreements

ProMendoza’s division onForeign Trade and Agreements works closely with the Government of Mendoza, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina’s Investment and Trade Promotion Agency, and overseas Argentine missions and embassies devising strategies to promote exports of local products. The objective of this division is to promote, represent, and protect local interests during the negotiation of international trade agreements.



We promote Mendoza’s industries and products to help them reach international status by negotiating agreements with strategic countries and target markets.


We bring Mendoza’s interests to the forefront during the negotiation and revision of new and existing international agreements signed by the National Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


We work to unleash the common production potential and the integration between Argentina and Chile. We foster common value chains between Mendoza, in Argentina, and Valparaiso and the Metropolitan Area, in Chile—two regions closely connected by strong geographic, historical, and cultural ties.


The Province of Mendoza regards negotiations between these global markets as a promising initiative. The agreement between the EU and Mercosur has created wonderful opportunities for the entire country and for Mendoza in particular.

While this agreement opens up considerable prospects for several manufacturing and service industries, it also poses a threat to other sectors of Mendoza’s economy. For this reason, we take an active part in all private meetings held by the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other public and private stakeholders to voice Mendoza’s deepest concerns and interests.

We consider that a nationwide perspective can enhance negotiations while protecting jobs and fostering the development of regional economies.

We work hand in hand with Mendoza and Brazil’s Garlic Growers Associations to implement anti-dumping policies to stop the illegal entry of Chinese garlic into Brazil.

We have undertaken permanent initiatives to prevent Chinese garlic smuggling into Brazil—an illegal practice with a direct impact on garlic exports from Mendoza into Brazil. ANAPA (Brazil’s Garlic Growers Association), Mendoza’s Association of Producers, Packers, and Exporters of Garlic, Onions, and other similar products, together with ProMendoza—in our capacity as government representatives—work jointly to make sure garlic exports to Brazil are conducted on an equal footing and to prevent other importers from using legal vacuums to avoid paying anti-dumping duties.

It is worth highlighting that anti-dumping duties are tariffs placed on imports to fight the exorbitant prices charged by some exporters.


To foster productive integration between Argentina and Chile by promoting binational value-added chains, with the ultimate objective of exporting products to Asia-Pacific markets.

The concept of value-added “Production Linkage” refers to two or more companies establishing commercial bonds in order to create the best possible competitive advantage. For instance, an Argentine company may start the manufacturing process of an exportable end product, and a Chilean company may resume the manufacturing process to add value to this product in Chile.

At present, ProMendoza and Fundación IDEAL coordinate a group of exporters made up of 33 companies from Mendoza (with over 700 employees), from 9 different business sectors, which offer more than 120 products (tariff items).

Program Leaders:
ProMendoza and ProChile
Subscribing Organizations:
Fundación Ideal – Sofofa.