NEX: Development Program for New Exporters

NEX promotes the integration and business continuity of local SMEs in the global market, through the assistance of foreign trade experts that lead local companies throughout their export development.

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  • Introduce companies to international markets and train them in foreign trade.
  • Help them identify strengths, weaknesses and needs.
  • Assist companies with market research, market entry and global positioning.
  • Provide expert training and consulting to improve productivity and international competitiveness.
Who is the program aimed for?
  • SMEs that have production facilities in Mendoza
  • Companies that haven’t exported yet, or companies that have exported indirectly or temporarily.
  • Prospect exporting companies
How does the program work?

This is a 12-month staged program. Foreign trade professionals provide their expertise to introduce companies into the international markets, assist them in export development, competitiveness, marketing, and strategic planning in every step of the way.

  • First Stage: Assessing export potential
  • Second Stage: Developing a strategy for internationalization
  • Third Stage: Implementing the strategic plan