DIMEX: Market Diversification Program

DIMEX is the Market Diversification Program developed by ProMendoza for local SMEs. It promotes export market diversification for local small and medium-sized companies, through the assistance of foreign trade experts.

This program has been especially designed for companies that concentrate their exports in very few international markets who are eager to further expand their sales overseas.

For further information please submit to lromero@promendoza.com

  • To increase visibility of local companies in international markets
  • To avoid high concentration of exports in very few customers
  • To identify new export destinations
  • To streamline production and reduce costs through economies of scale
  • To improve the international competitiveness of SMEs
  • To promote development and investment policies
Potential Beneficiaries
  • Exporting companies with manufacturing facilities in Mendoza
  • Companies that have been operating for at least 2 years
  • Companies with a sound exporting track record in ≤3 markets
  • Companies with less than USD 500,000 in exports (annual average over the last 2 years)
How it works

During this 12-month program an expert will assist companies at each stage of the program and throughout the export process. Program experts will offer advice on how to identify new markets, implement promotion actions, and complete export procedures.

  • First stage: analysis of diversification potential
  • Second stage: strategy of market diversification
  • Second stage: strategy of market diversification