PYMEXPORTA: Fostering SME exports

PYMEXPORTA (SMEs Export Program) provides assistance to small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their ability to promote their products abroad, identify new clients, and close export transactions.

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To reimburse up to 50% of promotion expenses incurred overseas. This reimbursement system opens up opportunities for current and potential exporters, enhancing their ability to develop new products and access new markets.

Potential beneficiaries
  • VAT registered tax payers (Exclusion Criteria: Small business taxpayers, Independent professionals and freelance workers registered as Monotax payers (monotributistas) cannot take part in this program)
  • Companies based in Mendoza
  • First-time exporters
  • Exporting companies with an annual turnover of ≤ USD 3 million and exports for ≤ USD 1 million
Eligible businesses

Companies offering professional services related to:

  • Graphic design and printing (logos, images, isotypes, logotypes, brochures, banners, e-cards, catalogs, labels, videos, etc.)
  • Webpage design (including design, programming, and photography)
  • Accommodation services overseas
  • Business trips
  • Booking stands, booths and stalls at trade shows, fairs and exhibitions
  • Registering trademarks overseas
  • Hiring consulting services
  • Sending samples
  • Certifications that may boost exports
Exclusion criteria
  • Companies that have failed to qualify for the exporting program on 2 prior occasions
  • Consulting, marketing, trading, and brokerage companies
  • Exporting projects claiming refunds for activities exceeding 10% of their prior year turnover (Dispensation: this exclusion criteria does not apply if the project includes an express statement evidencing a capital injection and a considerable increase in business activities)
  • Projects that have not submitted all the required information, or projects that do not meet all the necessary formalities
  • Projects submitted after the corresponding deadline
  • Projects involving isolated actions or actions not framed within an exporting program
  • Projects for activities aimed at attracting capital investment
  • Projects involving working capital activities
  • Projects from companies that belong to economic groups with a turnover higher than the one stated under the inclusion criteria—i.e. companies with sufficient resources to fund these activities on their own.