Knowledge-Based Services

ProMendoza assists SMEs looking to expand their businesses globally, until they reach international status. Additionally, we look to position Mendoza as a benchmark for talent and creativity.

This is one of the most dynamic sectors within international trade. It thrives on the use of skilled labor, high value-added activities, creativity and specialized know-how, to help generate competitive export supply.

We create a synergy together with companies, agencies, chambers of commerce, associations and boards to develop strategies, projects and programs for professional training, market intelligence, business positioning and promotion campaigns.

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Exportable services

Entrepreneurs and developers of firmware, software and other intangible components.

Entrepreneurs and developers of videogames and electronic game that involve interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device, such as a TV screen or computer monitor.

Entrepreneurs and developers of mobile technology and wireless communication.

Entrepreneurs and developers of audiovisual media contents for multiple platforms such as the film industry, TV, web and streaming.

Franchising involves a contractual relationship between two parties, which allows franchisees to start a business using a brand and business model that have been long consolidated in the market.

Entrepreneurs transform ideas into products or services by building businesses, organizations, agencies or NGOs to create innovation and increase the workforce.

Tourism programs that boost tourism by offering medical treatments and the use of local healthcare services and providers.